And then there was summer

It’s over, it’s written on the trees. A bold, bursting summer of travel and sea and words; good news and sad departures. Now it is time to finish this long crazy novel, fruit of so many months work.

In June I learnt that The Cartography of Others was longlisted for the People’s Book Prize - an incredible honour and joy. The next round is a people’s vote so I have been urging readers to vote all summer, hoping to arrive on the shortlist. Here’s to hoping! Voting closes on October 15th so do vote if you can !

Writer guests arrived for my country retreats and words were written, Campari spritzes and cool evenings enjoyed, along with wandering along the calle of Venice. We hiked in the nearby Euganei Hills, home to the elderly Petrarch; and breathed the lovely green of the garden. Exploring the area and hosting writers has become a summer delight for this country mama! I’m grateful that bookings have started for 2020 and look forward to another round of guests next year.

Considerable writing was done during my own writing residency at the Three Rock Studio in Triopetra, on Crete’s southern shores. A sun-blessed setting, brushed by the scents of thyme and cedar. I recommend stuffed zucchini flowers and honey raki - food of the gods for the common writer.

My collection of flash fiction Love Stories for Hectic People has been picked up by Reflex Press and will be out in Spring 2020. This assortment of love and not-love stories is a refraction of decades of inhaling this unguarded sensation. I hope readers will enjoy these wild wanderings..

Back to work. I am currently holed up in the attic with this autumnal manuscript.